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About-Us | The Gaur

About Us

At the Gaur, we strive to provide unmatched hospitality and first class service for our guests. Our mission is to set a benchmark in world Hospitality and Leisure experiences.

The Gaur Brand, is a family owned, well financed company with it’s roots stemming from North America to Chandigarh, Punjab. We are an entrepreneurial and dynamic company, which fosters efficacy, productivity, and creativity. We attract forward-thinkers and builders, each driven to reach his or her own personal potential. We encourage individual initiative and offer real responsibilities. This entrepreneurial spirit requires hard work, pragmatism, efficiency, and the ability to motivate people in the pursuit of ambitious goals.

The Gaur Bull

(Bos gaurus) Gaur, the largest species of wild bison, representing generosity , devotion and hard work as per the Chinese Zodiac. The Gaur stand second only to the Rat in the Zodiac. Its loyalty and persistence are qualities that are admired and sought after by many. Worshiped for it’s modesty and feared for it’s formidable power, THE GAUR is a benchmark for the hotel industry. The characteristics of Bos Gaurus is rooted in the very heart of THE GAUR. “No one can push more then you can. No one can demand more then you can. For you, set your own standards. Not by what others are accustomed to, but what is the best” – Anonyms. Standing second to our own bench marks, we push our standards higher and higher only to fall short of our own expectation. This is the only thing driving us in the way of the mighty wild Bison, for we are never yielding nor settling from our goals. Loyalty and persistence have shaped many-a-many, but carrying it’s very essences in our services and customs truly embodies THE GAUR in nature. We believe, if trust must be gain, it is only through actions and working towards that again and again.